~ Dimas Marley ~

I live for music and music gives me a living, that’s the reason I strive to be at the very top of my game, song in and song out. I grew up with “good ears” resulting in my love for melodies, making me a critical listener of music especially the good old hip life which seemed my favorite. I express my thoughts and emotions in my music but never do I compose a song with just me in mind, I think about the fans too, thus a two way street ending with joy, fulfillment and satisfaction for me and those who spend their times to listen to me. Anytime it’s about Dimas Marley, don’t expect a one way, back to back hits tops the priority list as well as versatile creativity. Afro god, hip lifer, hip popper, hi life sensation, next “thing” in dancehall/Afro dancehall and trap lover, you can expect nothing less than electricity from the different kinds of jams I’ll feed your souls with, but certainly look our for more Afro that will take over Africa and the world. The journey is long, but starts with a step, I want to take my steps with you, ride along for an unforgettable journey of vibes.
Dimas Marley


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